Hi! This is Fearless Femme 100.

A movement of extraordinary QTIBIPoC femmes to find their power. We are creating a legacy of infinite self love through mental wellbeing, holistic wellness, arts, and activism for our community. 

About Us 

Fearless Femme 100 began a COVID-19 response mental health service project called,FREE QTBIPOC Mental Health Counseling fiscally sponsored by New York Transgender Advocacy Group.


We center Trans/Queer Black and Indigenous experiences with peer centered mental health couseling. We have served 500+ QTBIPoC across the USA and internationally. We have offered support groups and mental health events to 450+ QTPoC who've registered.


We are a community group of BIPoC Trans femmes GNC/NB folks, and Cis women. We have Master's degrees in Social Work or Counseling Psychology, with a minimum of a Mental Health certification.


Sponsors & Collaborations 

We’ve collaborated with The Museum of Women's Resistance, The Okra Project, Black Is A Poem, Black Trans Media, NYC PoC Healing Circle, Third Root Community Health Center, and QTPoC Mental Health.


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