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Our response to allegations made against Jia Hurd and Fearless Femme 100.

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Former contracted employees of Fearless Femme 100 have made public allegations of harm done by Jia Hurd, our founder. You can read their allegations on the Facebook and Instagram page they made specifically to bring light to this conflict, QTBIPOCareNetwork (@qtbipocarenetwork on Insta).

Jia has reached out many times to these former contracted employees to engage in a conversation about the conflict but they have not responded, despite a call for accountability. Since the conflict has been made public, a response from Fearless Femme 100 has been released to clarify what transpired between Jia and these former contracted employees.

If hurt or harm has occurred, Jia is open and willing to engage in an accountability process and has always been.⁠

We hope to be able to repair any harm that has occurred and move forward with radical love and care.


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