Spring 2021

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Kyla Yin James


Kyla Yin James (she/they) is an illustrator and designer based on the unceded lands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh (Vancouver, Canada). Their work is inspired by subcultures, sociopolitical systems, the unconscious, as well as their mixed heritage. Through their practice, Kyla explores their connection to intergenerational experiences and how they apply to the present. Her work is filled with symbolism that creates surreal and speculative scenarios that question the status quo.




Curly Dynamite


Curly Dynamite is a nationally acclaimed trans masculine non-binary community organizer, activist, and teaching artist. Curly Dynamite uses He/They/She pronouns. They are an emerging philosopher, rapper, and graphic designer. Curly Dynamite is heavily involved in the trans and queer community and advocates for movements uplifting mental health and academic equity. Organizing marginalized communities in L.A through food, rhythm, and poetry. 




Alicia Serna Frausto


Alicia/Ali is an intergenerational manifestation and descendant of roses and rosaries, guayabas and gays, papayas and prayers, tortillas and tontos, mantecas and madres, salsas and sordos, nopales and never ending dreams. They are land stewards, animal caretakers, home builders, food growers, fabric weavers, nurturers, devotees, and children because they are everything their ancestors pled for.

Alicia is born of this love, fluidity, and resistance. They are their own greatest medicine and they bring forth their remedies to this Earth. They are always in movement and migration. They trace their pathway through many lives and generations, through lands visible and invisible, to arrive here. And in this sacred arrival, they are present to embrace the divine powers and gifts bestowed upon them. There is no one place for Alicia to exist or to call home that is not invested in the cosmea of their continuance. They are forever the bird and the sky of their own voyage.

They believe in a world that extends compassion to all living beings and dream of living in a sanctuary-rancho full of rescued animals and growing their own food. They are an artist, creative, educator, energy and language worker, and guardian of the Earth and have spent time living in various parts of the world. They are committed to their self-liberation and that of all oppressed beings.






Hello! I'm Shreya/shurjo mukhi (they/them). I am a queer nonbinary Bengali person from San Jose, CA and am currently based in Washington DC. I love multiple mediums of art and believe in art’s ability to heal. I want to make art that shares honest moments and emotions, that depicts healthy loves in real and dream worlds, and that also just brings some momentary peace of mind. I want to make art that would have helped me process my emotions and feel seen fully growing up.


One of the projects I am working on right now is my comic series, "gentle suns". It's about the nonlinear journey of creating healthy practices and understandings of love for ourselves and others. Each issue is in a different graphic style, as a chance for exploration, fluidity, and creativity.


I really believe in accessible mental health/ education, and I've found that reading people’s personal journeys with mental health (especially of those who I share identities with) has been beneficial a lot of times when I have felt isolated or misunderstood. I hope that these comics can be helpful, not as a substitute for professional support or therapy, but just as an additional resource. I have free online uploads of these full comics on my portfolio shurjomukhi.art as well



amira rashida


amira rashida (pronouns: they/AP) is a Queer Black Southerner, writer, healer, forever student, and spaceholdr. their life’s work is to support QTBIPOC folx in accessing healing, connection, community, and liberation. amira sees their words as offerings and reminders to stay alive. when they’re not taking life too seriously, they enjoy playing with herbs, words, paper, and movement.



website: amirarashida.net