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Erotic as Power
A workshop geared towards folks who is interested in owning their sexuality as sexual assault survivors.
"The Erotic as Power" is a workshop geared towards folks who is interested in owning their sexuality as sexual assault survivors. The hour-long workshop takes participants on a journey of defining the kind of sex lives they want to have, reclaiming agency over their bodies & desires, and establishing safer sex boundaries and practices. Lanai, the facilitator, strives to make this virtual workshop a safer space for queer/trans BIPoC to show up as they are as divine beings deserving of pleasure.

About the Facilitator

Lanai Daniels (she/her) is a Black femme sex educator who advocates for Black and Brown women, girls, queer women, transwomen, and non-binary people. Born and raised in the Bronx, New York City, she seeks to expand the conversations about sex beyond HIV, STIs, and contraception options. Lanai began her sex education career as a facilitator for Sadie Nash Leadership Project. Soon after, she transitioned to work at other health organizations, including Love Heals and Community Healthcare Network. Currently, Lanai is the coordinator of the Planned Parenthood Peer Education program, Youth Health Promoters. She manages a group of high school peer educators who facilitate sexual and reproductive health workshops and events to young people living in NYC. 

Wednesday, April 21th via Zoom


Monthly Somatic Practice Group
Chronic Pain and Meditative Approach
There will be a brief discussion about chronic pain and then a guided meditative body-based practice for chronic pain. Tai will also share how Tibetan Buddhism teachings influence her approach to somatic (body-based healing) work. 

About the Facilitator

Tai is a Somatic Practitioner who centers lgbtq and poc communities in her work. She is a young activist and passionate Craniosacral-trained practitioner who sees individual bodily systems as inseparable from collective systems of trauma, fulcrums, and healing

Friday, April 30th via Zoom

7PM EST / 4pm PST

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