To Our Fearless Community

To our Fearless Community,


We have helped a countless number of Queer, Trans, Black and Indigenous community members, as well as people of color, receive mental health resources during a devastating global pandemic. It is not without heartache that we must announce Fearless Femme 100, the community project, will be discontinuing its services and QTBIPoC Mental Counseling initiative on June 30th, 2021.


Fearless Femme 100 was introduced as a COVID-19 crisis response in March of 2020, during a surge of unemployment and severe illness that disproportionately affected marginalized folks. We raised over $110k last year to support our Queer and Trans BIPoC Mental Health Counseling program, an initiative that helped numerous people in need access free and/or sliding scale peer counseling. The team at Fearless Femme 100 is so proud to have accomplished what we have as a community project. We are forever humbled by the powerful support we saw for decolonized and politicized QTBIPoC wellness. 


We have reached the end of our funding and have ultimately decided to end the project. The decision to conclude this chapter of Fearless Femme 100 was made in the best interest of our team members, our values, and our community. Only the utmost gratitude is appropriate for all of our donors, followers, and collaborators who have contributed to our mission. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for joining us in creating a space for QTBIPoC to be seen, and most of all, to be fearless. 


Fearless Femme 100 will transition back into a personal project for our founder as it was before the COVID-19 pandemic. Our website will serve as a hub for QTBIPoC mental health resources as well as an archive of our community project. Our fiscal sponsor, the Social Good Foundation, is ensuring that all of the money we have received for programming and services will be handled appropriately. Any money donated to Fearless Femme 100 will not be kept by staff members. For any questions or more information, you can email


The world we wish to live in provides access to free mental wellness support to all. It prioritizes the liberation of all Queer and Trans, Black and Indigenous people as well as people of color. We can build this world together by dismantling the systems of oppression that try to harm us. It is all possible, with the power of community. 


With Love and Liberation,

Fearless Femme 100