Peer Counseling

for Queer Black and/or Indigenous, and People of Color


What is Peer Counseling?

Peers are not therapists or psychiatrists. 

Peers are people who have had similar experiences with mental health offering confidential support. 

We offer validation not commonly found in professional relationships.

We are qualified and trained. We may have certifications, Master's degrees, and professional experience in Mental Health.

Our ethos for supporting peers like you are built on mutuality and compassion. 

We're here to help you create strategies for self-empowerment and a healthy life. 

You deserve affirming Mental Health care, safety, peace of mind, belonging, love, and pleasure.


Proud to have offered services to 500+ Trans/Queer BIPoC who've signed up! 

"You are doing the Lord's work. The Lorde as in Audre Lorde."


“I enjoyed every second. I thought it was super helpful to receive your affirmations and validation. I wouldn’t change anything. This was super amazing! I felt really heard, seen, and loved. I really needed it because I’ve been stressed out.”


"This is my first time with peer support. It was eye opening and comforting. I like that you were able to hear me without bias. I like when you are able to share your perspective. I can tell you are giving me honest feedback." 


"You’re a good listener. Your format has a lot of flow. I appreciate the way you hold space for people. You’re very non-judgmental and organized."


"In the past when I have gone to counseling they have capitalistic minds. I wanted to talk to you because I didn’t get that impression. I really enjoyed that after we talked you confirmed with me that you were listening. I like that you gave an agenda because before when I’ve done therapy most of time it feels more loose and not specific. "



A transgender woman sitting on a therapi

We Are On

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We are currently not offering individual peer counseling until 
Spring 2021

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