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Avery Kylin Chang


Avery Kylin Chang (they/them) is a Queer, Non-binary person of Philippino, Chinese and European descent. Invoking supernatural and surreal themes, Avery attempts to use art as a means to imagine queer and playful Utopia, to process their emotions and situations, and to reimagine bodies and expectations.




Khloe Janel


Khloe Janel is a queer artist, yogi and therapy enthusiast based in Chicago, Illinois. Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, they create for healing and liberation. They’re a Vans Open Mic Series winner and Public Narrative scholarship recipient. Their work has appeared in several literary publications such as Lez Spread The Word, , Woman Made Gallery and Scout & Birdie. As well as their literary accomplishments, they’re also an established actor. They’re a Co-Chair of the SAG-AFTRA Chicago NextGen Performers Committee. Having appeared on TV shows such as Chicago Fire, Empire, The Chi, and Easy, they’re a proud SAG-AFTRA member.









Jai's life motto is staying vulnerable, tender, and fierce. They come from a place of love and focus on art as healing. They are a disabled QTPOC. The two crucial things they've learned with emotional and mental wellness is that emotional pain is physical pain and new pain is scary while old pain is familiar. They have learned to welcome each emotion as a neighbor in their mind and see what each one teaches them. 




Rikki Hernandez


Rikki Hernandez is a visual and performance artist from Long Island, New York. They have been creating since the age of 3 and work in multiple mediums such as illustration, painting, sculpture, installation, photography, makeup and drag. Their work discusses transformation, queer identity, alternative femininity and unapologetic sexuality. This is portrayed through bold color palettes and surrealistic compositions.


 The piece featured "Self-Love/Yearning Desire" is a self portrait of the artist laying in bed with themselves. Creating a metaphorical parallel of the artist's desires to be held and shown affection. With no one to satisfy that feeling the artist must comfort themselves. The piece derived as a commentary of how androgynous, trans and femme presenting individuals are typically less desired and discriminated against in the LGBTQ+ community; when all they want is to be shown the same type of love/comfort as everyone else. 


@artificiallypretty and @art.ificiallypretty