2021 Healing Through Quarantine Workbook

Healing Through Quarantine: 2021 Edition

This workbook is a re-release of one of our original workbooks, Healing Through Quarantine. This edition was released for the one-year anniversary of Fearless Femme 100's founding.


This version will focus on reflecting on the changes from the past year, what you've learned about yourself since the beginning of national and international COVID-19 quarantines, and the intentions you have for the future. 

Available for a FREE download.

social media Dream-Making for the QTBIPo

Dream-Making for the QTBIPoC Soul

This workbook will guide you through intention-setting and dream-making with the help of reflection prompts, self-love activities, and coping tips.


The dreams you wish to manifest are sacred, and we hope that this workbook helps in honoring that process. 


Fearless Femme 100 acknowledges the need for the experiences and feelings of QTBIPoC folx to be centered, which is why we are offering this free mental wellness resource to those who are Queer and/or Trans, Black, Indigenous, and/or PoC. 

Available for a FREE download January 18th. Sliding scale $5 -$10 for printed color copies, just email

Cover_Healing Through the Quarantine wor

Healing Through Quarantine: Reflections & Intentions  

This workbook will help you redefine your intentions and reflections  for a your future beyond COVID-19's pandemic. It allows you to be connected while socially isolated. 


Feel free to share on social media and invite your friends to join you. 

Available for a FREE download. 

RJMH_ Self Love, Consent, & Pleasure_Wor

Self- Love, Consent, & Pleasure


This workbook will help you redefine pleasure in your own life. It’s not about just reaching orgasms alone. It could be activities that bring you joy, platonic affirming relationships, or compassionate touch from a lover.

The workbook will take you on a journey of healing and loving yourself. It will help you tap into being reflective, intuitive, and intentional.

And of course, the workbook dives deep on our relationship with consent in our everyday lives. Inviting us to be more mindful in our interactions.

Available for a FREE download February 24th. Sliding scale $5 -$10 for printed color copies.